Welcome to the Wicklow Witch

I’m Juliet, a solitary Green Witch with a deep connection to the earth and crystals.

I was born in a place called Wicklow town in Ireland. Raised by the sea and in the woods. Surrounded by the beauty, pain and wonder of nature.

As a child, I played in the dirt, sunshine and rain and I honed a craft that I continue to develop and practice. I wandered the lanes and beaches collecting shells, bird skulls, berries, acorns, sticks and stones to keep for my own personal treasure. I still do that.

The Women in my family have always used herbs and home-made remedies, sometimes from the necessity of not having much, but mostly because they worked better! Thankfully, they passed this valuable knowledge on to me, along with many superstitions and a wicked intuition that can call out the trickiest of folk.